Hydraulic Power units

Here we will find samples of our projects which are relay running in the best conditions.


– Kiln roller bearing lubrication units (20 units delivered running and achieved the target ) ( Lafarge Holcim )

Due to upgrading of the kiln production and increasing of kiln rotation speed & load capacity, the kiln rollers bearing had some problems of high wear on both of roller shafts and bearings bushes.

These problems lead us to thinking on forced lubrication unit to submit the oil to the rollers shaft.



– Main power pack for Boring tunnel Machine 2.5 m Diameter:tunnel-machine-1

– Total power 90 kw

– Max. working pressure – 700 bars

– max.  flow  60 lit/min

– Oil tank capacity 3000 liter

– Driving main jacking and intermediate stations

– Power units used for construction machinesconstruction-2

We developed several power units to drive the constitution machines with several capacities.




– Cooling and filtration  units: ( Up to 200 liter/min )

We developed this type of mobile units specially to help in cooling down the hydraulic systems, and filtrating the hydraulic oil.

Arab Contractors, BTM

hydraulic cooling and filtration unit         tunneling machines