Hydraulic filter element evaluation.

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– When oil going through the filter with this parameters

Bigger Surface area :

⇑  Increasing the quantity of removed contamination.   filter element performance

⇓  Reducing pressure difference (Δ P ).

More  of  Layers :  

⇑ Increasing the quantity of removed contamination.

⇑    Increasing the filter efficiency ( βx )
warning-150x150-The price of the filter element is related to the  surface area and number of layers.



Hydraulic filter layers



How to quick calculate surface area

-Approximate surface area = 2 X numbers of fins X fin depth X element height

hydraulic filter element surface area 1hydraulic filter element surface area 2




Filtration ration, βx ( filtration efficiency )filtration efficiency

-This means the ratio between particles counted up stream and

down stream,

Dirt – holding capacity

Gravimetric determination of the mass particles in grams according

to ISO 4572 is the mass which could be absorbed by the filter element

until a point where one of the test limits ( time or pressure ) is reached.



warning-150x150Warning of bad material 


Layer #6 Steel wire mesh , you have to be sure of its quality to avoid damaging as in the pictures

wrong filter material 1wrong filter material 2

wrong filter material 3






Warning of Bad construction


Center Tube.  You have to check it to be sure of steady flow without any losses.

center tube1center tube2