Hydraulic Pressure Gauges

EHP supply a wide range of Hydraulic Pressure Gauges, with different pressure ranges and applications,

Glycerine filled Bourdon tube pressure gauges. 

■■Robust stainless steel housing.
■■Can be used in case of heavy vibrations and high, dynamic pressure loads.
■■Longer service life due to less wear and corrosion protection of the measuring system.


For gaseous and liquid media whichare not highly viscous, do not crystallize and do not attack copperalloys. For measurement in areas with highlevels of vibration and high, dynamic pressure loads.

Technical specifications

Type D 7
Nominal size  50 – 63
Accuracy class (EN 837-1/6) 1.6
Ranges (EN 837-1/5)
-1/0 to -1/+15 bar
0/0.6 to 0/400 bar
NG 63 to 0/600 bar
Application area
Static load: ¾ x full scale value
Dynamic load: 2/3 x full scale value
Short-term: Full scale value


Standard version Connection

Brass, bottom or center back  G¼B – spanner size SW 14 (EN 837-1/7.3)

Measuring element

Bourdon tube, copper alloy

≤ 60 bar “C” type tube

> 60 bar helical tube