Stationary Off-Line Filter Units

us-20Eaton’s stationary filter units are designed for the oil-service for gears with lubricants of high viscosity for the off-line filtration. The compact construction on a base plate without tube is the precondition for the small dimensions and the high reliability.  The device is equipped with a gear pump driven by an e-motor.

The circulation filter units US 10-640 take oil from a reservoir connected by a hose to clean it from contaminants (dirt and water). The purified oil is pumped into the intended reservoir. The contaminants accumulate in the filter. The unit works without supervision after the start. The maximum allowable dirt particle size of the working fluid should be  200μm. Larger dirt particles cause a premature wear of the gear pump.  The stationary filter units USP 20-320 with plate heat exchanger are intended for oil maintenance and for oil cooling on hydraulic systems.


  • The filter element can be replaced without any tools.
  • As a purification of the elements is not possible, the user should always have sufficient spare elements available on stock.
  • The stationary filter unit can be operated unattended.
  • Different filter fineness available


  • For oil changes, initial filling and flushing cycles in hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Pulp and paper mill equipment
  • Large central hydraulic power units
  • Injection molding equipment
  • Stamping presses
  • Extrusion machines

Stationary Units

  • US 10
  • US 16
  • US 20
  • US 21
  • US 22
  • US 40
  • US 80
  • US 160
  • US 320
  • US 321
  • US 640

With Plate Heat Exchanger

  • USP 20
  • USP 41
  • USP 81
  • USP 161
  • USP 320