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Hydraulic & Lubrication Filters

Hydraulic & Lubrication Filters are essential to assure of achieving the desired contamination class which is directly affected the life time of the rest of your Hydraulic & Lubrication system components . For this important needs we introduce to our market the best filters  quality made in Germany by EATON INTERNORMEN Technology.

Hydraulic & Lubrication Filters Types.

low pressure filtersLow Pressure Filters

Eaton’s low pressure filters are suitable for a working pressure up to 1450 PSI (100 bar).

 hpHigh Pressure Filters

Eaton’s high pressure filters are suitable for a working pressure up to 420 bar

 Picture11 Return line Filters

Eaton offers return line filters in various designs and for different application possibilities. The housings can be mounted in-line or directly within the reservoir itself. Ideal for use in mobile applications.

  Pressure Duplex Filter Duplex Pressure Filters

Eaton Internormen duplex pressure filters operate continuously. When first filter needs replacement or maintenance, an integrated rotary slide valve switches flow to the opposite side.

Suction FilterSuction Filter

These units have various application possibilities: as in-tank filters mounted directly to the reservoir, in the intake lines of hydraulic pumps to afford a degree of protection from contaminants to the pump and other components in the hydraulic system.

 Stainless steel filterStainless Steel Pressure Filters

Eaton’s Internormen stainless steel filters are applicable for water and emulsions in off-shore technology, the chemical and food industries, and in cases of extreme outdoor conditions.

 off-line filter Off-Line Filters

Partial flow filters for fine filtration of hydraulic and lubrication circuits with a large filtration area in a compact size. Supplement the main filter.