In-Line Measuring Systems

ps2Eaton’s in-line measuring systems are designed to mount directly to stationary systems for continuous or periodic monitoring, or can be used as mobile monitoring solutions in hydraulic and lubricating systems. Immediate and accurate diagnoses enables the operator to influence the system or intervene with appropriate counteractive measures when necessary.

Eaton’s in-line monitoring systems allow for stationary fluid monitoring. Immediate and accurate diagnoses are made according to available and valid standards.


Particle Counter

  • MPM 01 Set – Metal Particle Monitor System
  • CCM 01 Set – Contamination Control Monitor System
  • PFS 01 – Laser Sensor
  • CCT 01 Set – Contamination Control Transmitter System
  • CSM 02 – Contamination Sensor Monitor


Water Contamination

  • WSTM 01-Set

Oil Condition IVS 01 – In-line Multifunction Oil Condition Sensor