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The high quality of INTERNORMEN Technology products and the solution of custom specific filter problems as well as the service in lab and at site are based on the work of qualified engineers supported by computer analysis and measurement methods, the availability of all necessary test stands according to ISO standards and continuous production control of hydraulic filter elements.
The beta ratio of the hydraulic oil filter elements and its permanent efficiency are guaranteed for high pressure differences. hydraulic oil filter elements materials, bonding and processing are regularly controlled by means of bubble-point tests on our test stand according to ISO 2942.
INTERNORMEN Technology hydraulic filter elements can be supplied with 100 % bubble-point tests and corresponding certificates on request.
The glass fiber material „VG” used in hydraulic oil filter elements for fine filtration is supported by a support fleece and a stainless steel wire mesh and thereby protected against damage during production and later during filtration at high pressure differences.The bonding of the hydraulic oil filter elements material to the end caps and the seam is executed with maximum accuracy.
By using of special high quality adhesives, a homogeneous connection of the parts is achieved.We introduce to our market the best quality hydraulic oil filter elements, completely interchangeable with the most brands.Hydraulic oil filter elements is the most important item in your hydraulic system

 Hydraulic Filters Element Materials

* Fiber Glass (VG) Glass Fiber.

fiber glass

• Deep filtration
• High particle holding capacity
• Best micron rating at high Δp
• Usable for mineral oils, emulsions, and for most synthetic
hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils
• Filter fineness based on filtration quotient ßx(c) ≥ 200:
4 μm(c), 5 μm(c), 7 μm(c), 10 μm(c), 15 μm(c), and 20 μm(c)

 * Paper Matting (P)

paper filter

• Deep filtration
• Constructed of paper and polyester fiber
• High material stability and strength
• Available in 10 μm and 25 μm fineness


* Stainless Steel Mesh (G)

wire mesh filter

• Surface filtration
• Provides high resistance filter elements (irrespective of the
hydraulic fluid used)
• Partially cleanable
• Available in 25 μm, 40 μm, and 80 μm finenesses (other
micron ratings on request)