Duplex Pressure Filters

Pressure Duplex Filter

Eaton’s duplex filters can be mounted into suction, pressure or return lines and are designed for continuous filtration without system shutdown. Replacing the filter element is easy. Simply open the shut-off valve for pressure equalization then switch the filter to the opposite side. The DA and DNA series are certified and build according to ASME standards.




Series MDD, HDD
Operating pressure: up to 4,567 psi (315 bar)
Flow rates: MDD up to 25 gpm (95 l/min), HDD up to 356 gpm (1,350 l/min)


Series DU, DUV
Operating pressure: up to 464 psi (32 bar)
Flow rates: DU up to 1,056 gpm (4,000 l/min), DUV up to 528 gpm (2,000 l/min)


Series DSF, DNR
Operating pressures: 363 psi (25 bar), 232 psi (16 bar)
Flow rates: DSF up to 2,642 gpm (10,000 l/min), DNR up to 2,113 gpm (8,000 l/min)
Series DA
Operating pressure: 232 psi (16 bar)
Flow rates: up to 264 gpm (1,000 l/min)