Segmentblock system for sealing transfer chutes

This easy-to-operate sealing system is for sealing the sides and head of the transfer chute opposite the conveyor-belt.

Backing plates are either welded or screwed on to the bottom edge of the chute. Individual segment blocks made out of rubber or plastic are drawn back with their plates next to each other on the vertical guides, adjusted to the belt contour and clamped so that the leaking and dust produced by conventional rubber strip sealing are avoided.

If they wear out, segment blocks can be readjusted with the hammer individually, if necessary, whilst the machine is in operation.

Product features

  • Small installation heights from 160 mm
  • Fixing from the side with screwed-on plates
  • Easily adjustable
  • Variable fastening through changeable, self-locking female screws
  • Long service life
  • Easy assembly
  • Pre-assembly possible
  • Chamber sealing

Areas of application

Conveyor-belts in lignite and hard coal mining, power plants, cement works, gravel, stone and sand pits, foundries, aluminium works, lead and steel works, harbour warehouse operations, chemical works, water and sewage plants, refuse incineration plants and in the wood and metal processing industries.