Heating & Cooling Systems

heatingEaton’s Oil Heating and Cooling Systems are an essential part of any preventative maintenance programs for wind power systems.  They assist in proper oil maintenance, monitoring, and filtration of lubricants that provide protection to gearboxes against corrosion, wear, and tear.

Heating Systems
The HS Heating Systems provide quick additional heating of oil in the gears when low temperatures and extreme conditions cause the oil viscosity reaches up to 741,600 SUS (160 000 cSt (mm ²/s)). Both HS systems are maintenance-free and equipped with a monitoring device that prevents the overheating of oil.

Cooling Systems
A wide range of high-quality standard and custom-designed oil coolers with excellent cooling capacities and designed to withstand harshest operating conditions. Eaton’s coolers are available in various types and sizes.

Eaton also provides the following for wind power systems.

  • Additional filtration systems
  • Metal particle monitoring systems
  • Solid contamination monitoring systems
  • Water-in-oil monitoring systems
  • Water removal systems
  • High quality desiccant breathers



  • Wind Power

Heating Systems

  • HS10
  • HS16
  • Heated Suction Hose HSH

Cooling Systems

  • CI 71
  • CI 81
  • CI 91
  • CI 101
  • Plate Cooler WO-CI 95