The VSR procedure for stress reduction

Product features

  • The stress release treatment takes place at the production site of the machinery concerned. There are no transport costs.
  • There is no high energie consumption as well as no ignition, as with the annealing process.
  • The vibration treatment lasts only 45 minutes for pieces of machinery up to 3 tonnes in weight. Larger pieces of machinery require several treatment points, e.g. appr. 5 h for 20 tonnes.
  • Pieces of machinery of 50 kg to over 200 t can be treated.

Areas of application

Among other things, all welded, forged and cast machinery made from any type of steel or ferrous material are suitable.
Delivery program

The control unit consists of:

  • Industrial PC with hard disk
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 10,4″ LCD color monitor
  • Keyboard and mouse pad
  • Frequency inverter
  • Engine control unit
  • Accelerator card


  • 2 accelerators incl. cable and clip
  • 2 fixing clamps
  • 4 oscillator cushions
  • 1 color printer
  • 1 vibrator with frequency-controlled polyphase motor
  • 1 stroboscope