Air cannons and air injectors for pneumatic removal of blockages and deposit build-up in silos

Air cannons are fixed to the outside of the silos. They blast the stored compressed air at 4 to 10 bar over a wide cross-section of 50 to 150 mm in diameter in a few milliseconds into the critical interior material zones.

Very often, special jet nozzles, such as the isobaric sword nozzle, for example, are used for activating wide areas. The total operating safety and maintainability of well over 25,000 VSR BLASTER® air cannons are put to the test daily. They are also easy to assemble and to control.
Air cannons can be components of a cost-effective system of discharge-safe new machines or be effectively adapted to work with existing systems. VSR BLASTER® air cannons are supplied with full assembly and control accessories and can be assembled on request.

Areas of application for VSR BLASTER® air cannons:

Ratholing and bridging in funnels, silos, bunkers, stockpiles and hoppers with a volume of up to well over 10,000 m³. Similarly, deposits built up in pipelines, heat exchangers and cyclones are removed, even in the high-temperature areas of power stations and cement works with media temperatures of up to well over 1,000 °C. In this area, the VSR changeable nozzle system offers large cost savings through simple jet nozzle exchange.

Areas of application for the VSR BLASTER® air injector:

Free-blowing of funnels, pipes and filters

Shock aerating of bulk goods and soil

Air-blowing moulds and tools

Cleaning probes and heat exchangers

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