Hydraulic oil maintenance

 Hydraulic oil


The hydraulic oil should be kept clean ensuring good filtration and prevention of external as well as in-house impurities. The care of hydraulic oils starts before they are used into the system. The following points need to be kept into mind:

    • The oil barrels during need to be kept horizontal to prevent water or other contaminants from collecting.
    • The gasket inside the bung should be kept wet for an effective use as an airtight seal.
    • The oil inside the barrel can get contaminated by ingress of airborne moisture or rust formation inside the barrel wall in the air space above the fluid. The oil from barrel needs to be pre-filtered before it is put to use in the system.
Operating fluid

In a hydraulic system the operating fluid transmits forces and motion. It must have the following characteristics:

* High lubricity and protection against wear.
*High compatibility with other materials, high shear stability.
* High resistance to oxidation.
* Low compressibility.
*Low temperature expansion
* Low foaming tendency.
* Low air absorption.
* High air release ability and water separation ability.
* High boiling point.
* High density.
* High conductibility, favorable dielectric properties, non-hygroscopic, fire resistant, environmentally friendly, high filterability, high corrosion protection.
* Easy to maintain, low-cost and easy availability.