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  • Pioneers  for over 30 years

    Customer-oriented continued development-environmental protection and occupational  safety and health.
    A comparable development began at the end of 1988 with the new type of dust removal system, In continuous use for decades.
    The series of innovative products also includes the , , with their unique link system, and the for sealing conveyor-belt clamping attachments. For decades, industry has used these highly-effective components to optimize conveyor-belt systems.

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    Ratholing and bridging in funnels, silos, bunkers, stockpiles and hoppers with a volume of up to well over 10,000 m³. Similarly, deposits built up in pipelines, heat exchangers and cyclones are removed, even in the high-temperature areas of power stations and cement works with media temperatures of up to well over 1,000 °C. In this area, the VSR changeable nozzle system offers large cost savings through simple jet nozzle exchange
    -DUSTEX ® dispersion system
    -DUSTEX ® dispersion system
    -DUSTEX ® fog blower
    -DUSTEX® sprinkler systems
    Effectively reduce dust using water
    It is widely known that water is fundamentally suitable to reduce dust emissions, which can be plainly seen after a rain shower over typical sources of emission. However, with rain or sprinkler systems the material often becomes soaked and becomes silted. Targeted dust minimisation, on the other hand, means binding as much dust as possible using small quantities of water. This is a major advantage of the VSR DUSTEX®products: the dust is bound and the material does not become silted.
    Of course, bulk material has the basic tendency of forming dust any time it is moved or processed. However, environmental conditions (temperature, air humidity, etc.) and the plant-specific conditions (delivery speed or fall height of the material) also have an effect on the creation of dust and must be factored in.
    In other words, the configuration of a water spraying system for dust binding involves more than simply positioning a few nozzles. Our expertise based on years of solving such problems plays an essential role in assuring the effectiveness of spraying system. The effectiveness of dust binding with water depends on a number of factors. With DUSTEX® systems that are designed and installed by us, it is possible to comply with the current applicable legal specifications in Germany. Dust emissions have been lowered by more than 90% in a wide range of projects in which measurements were conducted. The limit value of 10 mg/m³ of air was safely undercut. Do you have to comply with even more stringent specifications? Contact us!
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