Fluid Purifier Systems

Eaton’s  Mobile Fluid Purifier Systems, are highly versatile and designed to facilitate fluid purification where and when needed. The IFPM systems are fully automated, PLC-controlled units. The water sensor (WSPS 05), in connection with the display unit (WFD 01), allows for a permanent monitoring of the water level in a purified fluid. The electronic Äp sensor (VS1) provides the optimal use and maintenance scheduling of the included particle removal filter element. The IFPMs desiccant air breather dries up the inert gas and increases the efficiency of the purifier, even in high humidity.

– Some of the most damaging problems water contamination can cause are:

  • Fluid breakdown
  • Additive depletion
  • Reduction of the lubrication properties of the fluid
  • Oil oxidation
  • Internal corrosion
  • Abrasive wear in system components
  • Reduced dielectric strength

Principle of Operation:
Contaminated fluid is drawn into the Fluid Purifier System by a vacuum of 0.6 to 0.9 bars. The fluid is passing a heater which is raising the temperature in order to increase the filtration speed. The fluid then enters through a vacuum actuated inlet valve into the vacuum chamber, where it is then allowed to cascade over the dispersal elements to break it into droplets in the tower. This increases the exposed surface area of the fluid and converts the water into vapor form, which is drawn out of the tower with a vacuum pump through the condenser to the drainage reservoir for drain off. The water-free fluid is drawn out of the tower by a hydraulic pump and sent through a high efficiency particulate removal filter back to the system. The installed water sensor allows a permanent control of the saturation of the fluid.

  • IFPM 32
  • IFPM 71