Time of Changing filter element.


When elements should/must be exchanged

1. When exceeding the maximum acceptable pressure di fference. Normally the pressure difference is monitored by the clogging indicator, which is individually customized to its different places of installation.

⊗ Low pressure systems:            ∆p = 1,2…2,5 bar

⊗ High pressure systems:          ∆p = 5,0…6,0 bar

2. Filter elements should be replaced generally after certain amounts of time, irrespective of the current clogging indication:

Suggestion:                                                     General:

⊗ Fibreglass fleeces „VG”            every 6 months                                    every 12 months

⊗ Paper fleeces „P”                   every 6 months                                      every 12 months

⊗ Metal mesh „G”                     every 12 months                                    every 24 months


A. Non-observance or eventual malfunction of the clogging indicator caused by cable break or the like. Also as a protective measure for systems without any indicator.

B. Chemical reactions, corrosion, oxidation or other aging affects destroying the operating fluid, as well as algae-, bacteria- or fungal decay.

C. High thermal load caused by malfunctions of the cooling system (> 100°C), dam ages of the filtration material, the adhesive joints or the sealing materials.

D. Embrittlement of the stainless steel meshes caused by hydrogen diffusion.

E. Permanent load and material fatigue caused by pulsation strain and strain caused by a frequent variation of flow directions.

F. Danger of bursting or collapsing due to increasing contamination if an indicator is missing or not working.