Why filtration

What is Hydraulic System Cleanliness?Cleanliness is a term used to describe the level of solid and liquid contamination found in hydraulic systems.Contamination may be defined as any substance that is not part of the hydraulic system’s working fluid.How does contamination get in there?

There are three principal means through which contamination can occur in a typical hydraulic system It can be:

1. Built in during system assembly
2. Generated during system operation
3. Ingested by the system during operation.

Why is cleanliness important to you?

  • Efficient production for clean systems provide maximum productivity.
  • Improved control of spare parts through preventive maintenance and monitoring contamination.
  • Reduced equipment downtime through scheduled inspections.
  • Safety hazards minimized through preventing contamination related failure.
  • Increased life expectancy of system components, essentially increased economies of operation andtherefore decreased maintenance charges.
  • Reduced repair costs due to fewer breakdowns.

Contamination Sources