Pressure transducers


Pressure transducers are used for electronic pressure measurement in many industrial and building
applications. Various measuring principles, output signals, materials, pressure transmission liquids and
process connections allow pressure transducers to be used in almost any application. Pressure transducer
versions are available for abrasive, pure, highly viscous, viscous or crystallising media as well as
special models for hygienic processes.

Typical applications areas;

■■ Pneumatic/hydraulic
■■Gas industry
■■ Process engineering
■■ Pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications
■■ Chemical industry and petrochemical industry
■■Medical technology
■■ Laboratory applications
■■ Food applications
■■Water treatment
■■Waste water applications
■■Mechanical and plant engineering
■■ Automation
■■ Filter monitoring
■■ Heating, refrigeration, air conditioning
■■ Automotive industry.
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