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Power Transmission

GUIBE is a company that specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of INDUSTRIAL POWER 

TRANSMISSION components for various industries: iron and steel, mining, food, paper, wood processing, plastic, renewable energies, transport…
GUIBE specialize in meeting the needs of the market by offering power transmission solutions and equipment: GEARBOXES, GEARS, MECHANICAL JACKS, COUPLINGS…



  • Iron & Steel
  • Mining & Cement
  • Paper & Wood
  • Rubber & Plastic
  • Lifting,Transportation
  • Food
  • Renewable Energy
Hot Rolling
Cold Rolling
Continuous casting
Finishing lines
Briquetting gearboxes
Gearboxes for Rotary Kilns
Gearboxes for Rod Mills
Gearboxes for Ball Mills
Rotary Blades
Applications for Wood processingPulper
Banbury and Intermix MixersExtruders
CalendersLNG pumps
Lifting for the Iron and Steel IndustryConveyance Systems
Conveyor Belts
Sugar Milling Machines
Wind EnergyHydropower
Tidal EnergyDiesel Engines