DUSTEX ® dispersion system

The DUSTEX® dispersion system

operates with water and compressed air as a two-component spraying system. It should always be used if the handling dust is very fine or the addition of moisture to the material should be avoided as far as possible. The purpose of the DUSTEX® dispersion system is to maximize the area of the discharged water and to capture the suspended dust locally in the place of origin and return in to the flow. This system enables compliance with very low emission levels and minimization of fine dust emissions.
The core of the DUSTEX® dispersion system is our internally developed VSR two-component nozzle with resonance head in which the water is atomized with compressed air. The droplet spectrum of our two-component nozzles is 10-50 µm depending on the pressure. A water delivery rate from 10 l/h to 185 l/h per nozzle can be covered with the nozzle types available from VSR. The system can be flexibly adapted to real, local dust conditions.