Pump life cut short by contamination.

What is ‘contaminated hydraulic fluid’? Contaminants of hydraulic fluid include solid particles, air, water or any other matter that impairs the function of the fluid. How does contamination affect a hydraulic pump? Particle contamination accelerates wear of hydraulic components. The rate at which damage occurs is dependent on the internal …

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Which hydraulic oil?

What type of oil would I use in my excavator hydraulics and why? Assuming that my hydraulic excavator is a late model machine fitted with variable displacement piston pump(s) which operate at pressures up to 5,000 PSI or higher, my selection would be based on the following factors. Multigrade versus …

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The true cost of hydraulic oil leaks

Hydraulic systems are often considered perennial consumers of oil and in turn, make-up fluid an inherent cost of operating hydraulic equipment. But what is the real cost of one or more “minor leaks” on your hydraulic equipment? To answer this question, the costs associated with all of the following factors …

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